Sunday, 19 March 2017

Kernewek + Tinder = #Kernder

I have recently been having a lot of fun on Tinder. Probably not the type of fun you would expect from a dating app. In fact, I have discovered that many men in the area will give the Cornish language a go if there is something on offer in exchange. I may have suggested on my profile that I would be very impressed with someone who could have a conversation with me in Kernewek. I mean, very impressed...

It sounds bad, I know. But I feel like I am doing my bit for Kernewek, which in my eyes can only be a good thing!

So after updating my bio, here are the sort of responses I got:

Do you want to dance with me?

Think he wants me to "send nudes" ...

That's encouraging!

That's not so encouraging...

Good effort!

This is probably the closest to a full Kernewek conversation I, or anyone for that matter, has had on Tinder.

So as there is no Cornish option on Google translate, some men must have been searching online for Cornish phrases for the first time. That's great! I'm not even sorry.

Kernewek is being spoken more and more on social media, so why not stretch this to dating apps? I would encourage all you single Cornish boys and maids to try it out. #Kernder 


  1. An "Welsh Whisperer" a lever "Classifieds y Farmers Guardian" yw an gwella le dhe gavoes kerensa.

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